Free Speech to Text Software

Free speech to text software is an idea that just popped into my head one day since I have been doing a lot of blogging lately. That’s why I started looking for free speech to text software.

At first, I looked into Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is supposed to be one of the best speech to text software is out there if not the best. So I begin looking for a free trial. After about a week of clicking on dead links that went nowhere I gave up. At this point I do not believe that there is a free trial of Dragon naturally speaking speech to text software. In fact, I read on a website that the makers of Dragon naturally speaking have decided not to do a free trial because of microphone incompatibility.

For example if someone downloads the free trial and a microphone doesn’t work then they won’t get the benefit of the trial. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Because I love to demo software especially expensive software before I buy it so anyway that idea is done. There’s no free trial to download of Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

So of course since I’m so cheap I decided to look for a free alternative. I wanted some free speech to text software that at least I could try. I was absolutely willing to pay for the Dragon Naturally Speaking software but I have to see the work first. I wanted to make sure that the technology was really up to par. I did watch a few videos on YouTube and they looked impressive but I wasn’t convinced that it would work for me. So I started to look for free speech to text software. Now a lot of people probably don’t know this but there is a free speech to text program that actually included in Windows XP if you are also running office 2007. However the support is extremely sketchy. There is a very confusing information, even conflicting on Microsoft’s website and there’s not much available online. Fortunately for me I did happen to have office 2007 installed and there was a guide online that explained it from start to finish. It didn’t work right away, but after little tweaking I got it to work. I will say this–it is very sketchy. It didn’t come close to the Dragon naturally speaking software that I had seen demonstrated on  YouTube. I wasn’t impressed.

Next I started looking for another alternative. I found a software called talk it type it so I decided to give it a try. Talk it type it was the biggest disappointment. It managed to get about 10% of my words correct. What a waste of time! I began my search again, and this time I found a software called Tazti. Now Tazti is a speech to text recognition software which has a free and paid version. I’m not sure why anyone would buy the paid version because the free version worked pretty well. So I began to use the free version and I was impressed! I would guess that Tazti got about 80% of my words correct. But it wasn’t enough for me because I still had to go back in and do all these manual corrections are figured I might as well just typed article–which is what I wanted to avoid in the first place. Since I needed a higher degree of accuracy my search was not over. Have this nagging suspicion that Dragon would work better, I headed over to Amazon to get my copy. I  ordered it on a Friday and it arrived on Monday. That was cool. Now figured this speech to text software absolutely has to work because it supposed to be the best in the industry . I installed it and right away the software told me that I didn’t have enough RAM. It warns me that the program would be running kind of slow on my system. I never even realized that I only had .99 GB of RAM. Dragon naturally speaking requires two GB of RAM as a minimum. But I installed it anyway I figured at this point I’ve already waited three weeks test it out software didn’t work, I’ll deal with the RAM issue later.

As of today, Dragon naturally speaking for almost a week and I will admit that it’s well worth the money and you get what you pay for. The free text-to-speech software really doesn’t even come close to what Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11 is able to do.